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The station started out as Radio Malaya (Radio Malaysia) operating out of Singapore in 1946. With the independence of Malaya in 1957 Radio Malaya was split into two; the original studios in Singapore was taken over by a new station called Radio Singapura(currentlyMediaCorp Radio). and Radio Malaya moved to Kuala Lumpur, going on air from the new location on January 1, 1959.

By April 19, 1971 Radio Malaya which was known as Rangkaian Nasional (National Network) started to broadcast 24 hours a day, the first station in the country to do so. It went through a few name changes, to Radio 1 on 1 January 1992, Radio Malaysia Saluran 1 on September 1, 1998, and finally to its current name in June 2005.

Saluran 1 started to become available online on January 1, 2001.

On August 12, 2006, Nasional FM and Klasik FM (which was formerly known as Radio Irama Melayu Asli (RIMA) and afterward as Klasik FM ) have officially merged to form Klasik Nasional FM where they will broadcast classical Malay music together with its main program 24 hours a day.

However, the merger survived for only five years. In January 2012, Klasik Nasional was demerged. Nasional FM relaunches nationwide, broadcasts under Muzik FM frequencies. Muzik FM is now broadcasts via the Internet only under the Galaksi Muzik RTM. Klasik Nasional is now known as Radio Klasik.

Radio Klasik Frequency

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